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ATM Placement

The placement process is simple and direct. Once the location is approved and inspected (at no cost to you) we will install the machine of your choosing from one of the choices offered below. We are the leader in parking lot ATMs and know that location is key. The parking lot is the first point of contact. Customers who need cash will use your ATM, generating more revenue for you! We will exceed your expectations and do all the work so that you can enjoy the convenience and benefits of one of our ATMs. We offer four distinct machines that come with the latest technologies and superior craftsmanship to ensure cost-efficient results. We can take our expertise and make it work for your location. Our ATMs are designed to be eye-catching, easy to use, and stress-free for our customers. With superior customer service and a guaranteed commitment, we will be there from setup and installation until the job is complete. Leave it to us, and we will do all the necessary research, handle zoning and permit issues, and make sure that the ATM placement meets all safety standards. Cash Mach Inc. can handle it all!


Cash Mach Inc. will provide the most dependable transaction processing to our distributors and merchants at no cost to them. We can ensure the highest speeds in processing to ensure fast, efficient service. We use the latest technology to give you worry-free service and capability rolled into one. Staying current with top industry trends means we can pass that competitive edge on to you. We can guarantee continuous delivery of the best ATM services to meet all your needs. The delivery of prompt, immediate service with limited delays is our priority. You can rely on us to make sure that all your ATM processes run smoothly and ensure that your customers stay happy. Software is constantly evolving and so are we; you can trust that our machines are capable of providing the fastest, most cost-effective transactions. These are transactions that you can depend on, benefit from, and—best of all—never worry about. We do the work so you can focus on your needs, and we also provide monthly reports so you can easily keep track of all ATM activity. An ATM from Cash Mach Inc. is added revenue for your parking location, business, or company—not added stress.


Cash Mach Inc. is here to support and manage your ATMs with constant monitoring. We will make sure that all your terminals meet the current federal regulations so you don’t have to worry. Be assured that with our constant, active tracking, your ATM management will be smooth and stress-free. You will be sent monthly statements with complete detailed reports on all activity in your machine. Cash Mach Inc. can manage every part of your ATM from cash needs to vaulting. We offer cash forecasting to take the guesswork out of keeping your ATM supplied, and we even offer full vaulting services for complete service. We at Cash Mach Inc. give our customers full service management at no cost to you. We strive to make the management of your ATM as easy for you as possible, and we give you all our experience and knowledge to help you make the best management decisions. We offer management services you can trust from a company with the dedication and know-how to achieve the greatest success.


Our Factory Certified Repair Dept. is able to take care of most major brand repairs. We are committed to providing the highest in quality customer service and keeping your ATMs working nonstop to maintain your income and customers. We know the importance of lost revenue and how it affects you and your customers, so we are committed backing up our ATM machines with service that stands out from the rest. Experienced technicians are available for prompt, dependable service, and all repairs will be made within 24 hrs. Contact for assistance.


Cash Mach Inc. is open to increasing our customer base by partnering with other companies or individuals. Do you have leased or managed location and want to increase your earnings? We have the expertise to help you get more out your company. If you are interested in sharing a successful partnership, contact us today!


Cash Mach Inc. also offers vaulting services to supply your ATM. We will vault your machine for you! Be completely at ease, with no worries about running out of money due to the holidays or bank schedules. We take care of it all! We can provide nationwide vaulting services for our customers via secured armored carriers. We offer a complete package of services, truly making us the ATM provider that can do it all.




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