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ATM Parking Solutions

We’re committed to incorporating all of our knowledge and experience into becoming a solution for the parking industry. From increased convenience for your customers to giving you the competitiveness in today’s market, the placement of an ATM will be an incredible asset to your company. Customers who park sometime are in need of spending cash, and by having the foresight to help service this need will increases your bottom line. As leaders in parking location placement of ATMs, no one knows parking location placement better than Cash Mach Inc. We’ve developed a formula that gives our partners the security to know we’ll help maximize their point of contact, which in turn helps gives your customers a pleasurable experience.


We are the ATM solution provider for parking companies

A parking location is the first point of contact between a customer and there desired destination and once there may need cash for a number of things , Cash Mach Inc. is here to help provide the science behind converting their cash needs into transactions meaning more profits for your company . An ATM adds the benefit of convenience for your customers and will maximize your earnings, so providing this service is sure to add value to your lot. For cash only-locations, it provides the cash needs to maintain your cash only model, which keeps you in the game as more people use cards in daily transactions. We’re a fully licensed, bonded and PCI complaint company that’s changed its mission to service the parking industry and its market. We’re able to confidently find the best solution for any type of parking location. Our team of professionals will handle every detail with permits, placements, and zoning issues. We want our partners to benefit from our experience and put their faith in a leading ATM solution that works for them.

The services we provide include:

Our goal is to offer the highest quality products partnered with a knowledgeable staff to maximize our partner’s benefits. Cash Mach Inc. is dedicated to our mission of providing the most reliable services and quality products and helping our partners achieve their greatest success. Our partners trust us to make their lives easier and know that we take the risks so they don’t have to. An ATM from Cash Mach Inc. is more than just an ATM—we offer the complete package. Our company grew quickly by making the smart decisions we’ve made, and we are eager to share our success with you.
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